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Life can be a motherfucking rollercoaster and it can either break you or make you into a stronger individual, which is why it`s so damn good to have some inspirational music to lean on as you go through your hardship to give you a pep talk whenever your branches are beginning to droop, giving you a mood boost. So to help you find your motivational mojo back I`ve picked some songs that also allow you to be honest with yourself and breakdown to build yourself up again and be part of your evolve.

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Nothing captures the intimacy of sex better than music as it adds to the mood and intensity of sex, especially if that passionate love making. So here’s a list of 55 songs to do it to, with a nice mixture of slow-tempos and some smooth mid-tempos jams for a slow and sultry sex session.
Now go forth and get it on tonight.

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While we wait for Keyshia Cole to officially drop her new single from her forthcoming album, Keyshia keeps her name out there by releasing some music to hold her fans over. This week the Oakland born singer released her response to Drake’s Hotline Bling. Earlier this month, Cole release her street single “Don’t Waste My Time” featuring Young Thug. Check out Keyshia’s remix  below.