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Ne-Yo decided to give his fans a special valentines day gift with his new EP titled “3 Simple Rules” a mini compilation of three new songs including “New Love,” “Bigger Than This,” and “Gotchu Right.

“HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! 3 new songs FREE!! Just for YOU, my incredible fans. LOVE Y’ALL!! Hope you enjoy,”

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Even after dropping an album earlier this year that barley anybody brought or even listened to, that will not stop singer/songwriter Ne-Yo from releasing any new music. Today Ne-Yo dropped a new track titled “Luxurious” featuring Future which may be included on Ne-Yo’s upcoming album in the works. This maybe the type of music Ne-Yo needs to start putting out more to get people interested again but we shall see. Check out the song below.

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When Beyonce announced her tour The Mrs. Carter Show Beyhive thought that she was also going to release an album shortly after, seems like we were wrong even though Grown Woman premiered fully and we saw B perform Standing On The Sun we still didn’t hear any news about her new album until today. Singer/Songwriter Ne-Yo who was enlisted to write some material for the album gave some insight on the new LP.  In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine Ne-Yo has revealed that Beyonce is still in the early stages of her new album saying

“I’m still putting stuff together for Beyoncé’s album. They’re still trying to figure out what they want that to be, which I’m not mad at. Beyoncé’s the kind of artist where you’re not gonna see it till it’s right. And her fans — they love her so they’ll be patient.”

So there we have it we don’t know when we will ever get a new Beyonce album it maybe this fall or the start of next year with her new tour which recently wrapped up overseas and now making it’s way to the US I’m hoping that we at least get a new single before her tour is over but one can only hope.