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Fifth Harmony’s new self-titled album has arrived, it serves as the third album from the ladies and the first one without their former bandmate Camila Cabello, who parted ways with the band to pursue a solo career. And honestly her departure only made the band strong and saw them coming into their own as they crafted one hell of a great album. Check out Vaughn`s review below and also stream the album and head to iTunes and your nearest music store and support these extremely talented ladies.

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 Written By Vaughn(@BigVOC)

After years of solo singles, EPs, collabs, and songwriting for other artists, Sevyn Streeter’s long awaited debut album “Girl Disrupted” has finally arrived and it`s not disappointing at all, it sees her delivering a stunning album laced up with strong vocals and solid lyrics that are very transparent.

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“I`m in no need for love it`s not for me because there`s no trust in love..” Some scars are so deep that we keep them closely to our hearts to shield away people who want to come in and help us heal but you fear that they would cause more damage instead of healing. But we owe it to ourselves to take back our lives from past experiences and just learn from them not dwell in them that we end up living a life of fear of loving nor living a better life filled with pure joy.