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As we celebrate the last day of 2019 we couldn’t close it without giving you all our top 10 albums of 2019. Check to see who made the list below.

Beyoncé – Homecoming: The Live Album

I know you’re probably thinking, what is a live album doing on this list? Well let me tell you Beyoncé’s live album competes with any studio album released this year. From the vocals, live instruments and the quality. Although it is just a recording, Beyoncé draws you in and makes you feel as if you are right there at Coachella. You can literally feel every emotion and see every dance move just from listening to the record. Has anyone else noticed that 2019 is the first year that King Bey has not performed since 1998?

Summer Walker – Over It

Oh Summer! Despite all of the negativity surrounding the professionalism and tour drama, this history making album is quite stunning. The Atlanta songstress takes us all on an emotional journey which we can all relate to. I mean how many times have we drunk dialed someone to express our feelings to that no good (you know what). Summer has mastered the art of sampling by paying homage to our favorite R&B hits such as Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna” on her track “Come Thru”, which he also features, Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” on “Playing Games” and we cannot forget the classic Lenny Williams’ track “Cause I Love You” on “Drunk Dialing…LODT.” Since it’s release in October, Over It has broken the record previously set by Beyoncé’s 2016 album Lemonade as the most streamed female R&B album. Our anxious friend must be doing something right which is why she is on this list.

DaBaby – KIRK

That’s not DaBaby, that’s my baby…well at he should be. This album shows how goofy Baby really is and taps into the softer side as well. The record opens up with the very personal song “Intro” where he speaks on his father, mother having cancer and more. He didn’t give us a break either. Mr. Kirk proceeds with the Smash record “BOP” where he begins to boast on his accomplishments and talking his shit! It’s quite refreshing to have a hip-hop artist rise as quickly as DaBaby who is just as animated as Ludacris.

Ariana Grande – thank u, next

Does this even need a reason why? Let me start by saying the album has earned Ari her first # 1 single ever. If that doesn’t say enough then I don’t know what to tell you. The album shows how much Ariana has matured. She has gone from the little cousin who all your friends thought was cute, to the little cousin that your friends are literally drooling over. She takes charge of her own career with this one. Pushing out songs with a more urban flare which she has always wanted to do. With tracks like “7 Rings,” our favorite “Needy” and of course the title track, how could we not stan this record?

BJ The Chicago Kid – 1123

Chicago stand up! BJ provides another soulful record with his sophomore effort. 1123 is full of feel good records which make us feel in love. “Time Today” already had us in our feel and then we get blessed with Ari Lennox on the remix for the deluxe edition of the album. Honestly there aren’t really any deal-breaking moments on 1123. Arguably one of the best efforts put out this year. Let’s get that GRAMMY in February.

Lizzo – Cuz I love You:

2019 was really the year for Lizzo, after years of putting out music, Lizzo finally had her moment. Lizzo kicked things off with her party anthem Juice, but it was her 2-year-old single Truth Hurt’s that really grabbed the attention of millions of listeners. While the song did earn Lizzo and #1 single, her album Cuz I love you gave us a lot of bops such as Tempo featuring Missy Elliott, Soulmate, and Like a Girl. Lizzo proved 2019 is just the beginning.

Kaytranada – BUBBA:
If you know anything about this Canadian producer you know that he always gives us great songs from some of today’s new and veteran artists. Just before 2019 ended Kaytranada finally released his sophomore album BUBBA. Kay’s new album mixed some of the smooth voices of acts like Teedra Moses, Sir,Masgeo, Tinashe, Vanjess and more.

Ari Lennox – Shea Butter Baby:
Ari Lennox is another artist who has put in her time, after signing to J.Cole’s Dreamville label Ari Lennox began working on her debut album, and in 2019 this DC native gave us one of the best R&B debut albums of 2019. While the album’s lead single earned her a gold-selling single, it was really the full body of work that really showed off Ari’s personality and mesmerizing voice. After listing to this album, you really get a feel of who Ari is as a person and artist. With songs like the Masgeo assisted All night, BMO, I Been, and New Apartment, Ari really gives you that real soul music that has been missing for quite some time. If you listen to this album trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Asiahn – Love Train 2:

While a lot of people may not be familiar with her name, Asiahn has written for a lot of artists including Miley Cyrus, Dr. Dre, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Drake, Lil Wayne and more. In 2017 Asiahn stepped behind the scenes and to the forefront with her debut album Love Train. As she caught listeners ears with her debut, Asiahn showed she had more to offer as she unleashed the follow-up Love Train 2. With standout songs like Curiosity, Like You, and Games Asiahn is gearing up to be the next singer/songwriter who is next to blow up.

Lucky Daye- Painted:

Lucky Daye really was a silent surprise in 2019. The New Orleans raised singer was one to look out for, with this lead single Roll Some More Lucky Daye grabbed the ears of new listeners. Before releasing his debut album lucky gave fans what to expect with his 2018 EP’s I, and II. leading up to his forthcoming debut album Painted which earned this newcomer four Grammy nominations

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With the New Year arriving tomorrow I could not leave you all without naming the rest of my top 10  songs that made my musical journey this year. If you missed part one check it out here.

1. Jazmine Sullivan – Mascara
When Jazmine Sullivan announced that she would be returning back to music, I couldn’t have been more excited. The Philly Songstress first came back on the scene with her Meek Mill, assisted single “Dumb,” Jazmine then continued to release music leading up to the release of her anticipated 3rd album. One song that really caught my attention that Jazmine Sullivan released was Mascara. While the song was inspired by how most women we see on instagram are consumed with the superficiality of their looks, Jazmine uses her sweet mesmerizing vocal range to make you even forget she’s preaching to young women in the song. Mascara is definitely one of my favorite songs on Jazmine’s 3rd LP Reality Show that will never get old.

2. Aleesia Cara- Here
Canada shows that it has no signs of stopping to produce some of today’s hottest new talent and Aleesia Cara definitely made her mark this year when she dropped the anti party anthem Here. While most people her age who love to go out and Turn up 24/7 Aleesia Cara was the voice for the people who rather enjoy a nice night at home rather than the club. What stood out most to me about this song was the fact that this young girl was able to create such a great song and not afraid of saying I rather stay home than go out, while we are used to hearing songs about turning up in the club and flossing our bands, it was great to finally hear somebody sing about something else for a change. The song was able to set Aleesia in the right direction in her career, as Here became her first top 10 single on the chart, and she even joined Taylor Swift onstage as a surprise guest at the 1989 World Tour in Tampa, Florida. If you enjoyed Here, you should definitely check out Four Pink Walls, Overdose and Outlaws.

3. The Weeknd – Go Tell Your Friends
Now I will be the first to admit I was not here for The Weeknd when I first heard about him in his mixtape days in my opinion his songs were long as hell and something you needed to be high for. Even when he announced his first major LP I still was not interested. As time moved on and The Weeknd’s sound began to evolve I became a little more interested in his music. Being the music lover that I am, I decided to check out The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness I was pleasantly surprised at how much I have grown to like The Weeknd’s music, and one song I will say is my favorite from his sophomore album is Go Tell Your Friends. Something about this Kanye West produced track embodies everything about the word smooth.

4. Tamar Braxton – If I Don’t Have You
With Love and War being such a huge success Tamar Braxton really had a lot of pressure when creating the follow up album. Tamar first tested her fans reaction when she released Let Me Know Featuring Future; which received a lukewarm response. Then a few months later Tamar came back stronger with her official lead single If I Don’t have You from her 3rd studio album Calling All Lovers. The song was a huge success for Tamar as it scored her another Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance. Tamar Braxton really put in a lot of hard work this year and it is definitely paying off.

5. Trey Songz – Slow Motion
One thing I can really appreciate from Trey Songz is that he will defiantly deliver a hot R&B song, which he did with his single Slow Motion, the lead single for his Re-released album Trigga. The song earned Trey another top 10 hit on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts coming in at #9. The song was a great summer sexy R&B song that had a lot of people saying, “We can take, we can take, we can take our time, baby in slow motion.”

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As the year is coming to an end we all are celebrating the holidays with our friends and families. Some of us make those New Year’s resolutions that most people never keep. Myself, on the other hand, take this time to look back on the music of the year and which songs stood out the most to me. I don’t pick my stand out songs based on how many views the song has on Youtube, what number it is currently sitting on the Billboard charts or how many times we’ve all heard the same song on the radio. Nope! This list is just based off the love I have for music. Every artist I am about mention impacted my musical journey of 2015. Check out part 1 below.

1. Bryson Tiller – Don’t
Before this song became the huge radio hit that is today, I remember hearing Don’t on apple music R&B station. It was something about this song that was so different from the music on my phone and the radio. When I flipped my phone over I was introduced to Bryson Tiller. Don’t began to rise up the charts and brought more listeners wanting to know more about this young singer from Louisville, Kentucky. On October 2nd Bryson released debut solo album Trap soul, if you want to know what Bryson has to offer besides Don’t, check out his other stand out tracks like Exchange and Right My Wrongs.

2. Erykah Badu – Cel U Lar Device (HotLine Bling Remix)
Not just anybody can remix a song that was remixed from another song and still make a hot and unique song out of it? Erykah Badu did exactly just that when released Cel U Lar her version of Drake’s hotline Bling. Infusing the song with her signature Baduizm and recruiting her son to co-write the song, Erykah made is all forget this song was even a booty call anthem.

3. Kehlani – You Should Be Here
2015 was a huge year for singer/songwriter Kehlani, as she released her second mixtape “You Should Be Here,” which had lot of people opening their eyes and ears to this young singer from Oakland California. We can expect a lot from Kehlani in 2016 as her mixtape was nominated for a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album and the singer’s debut album, is also slated to be released early next year as well.

4. Sevyn Streeter – Don’t Kill The Fun
If there is one artist out there that’s doing it all from singing, dancing and writing a hit songs, Sevyn Streeter definitely comes to mind. Since releasing her debut single I Like It back in 2012, Sevyn Streeter has been on a roll, establishing herself as an artist and behind the scenes as a songwriter. At the top of 2015 Sevyn released Don’t Kill The Fun, and when I first heart the full single I instantly feel in love with the song. What I love most about this song was that Sevyn was not afraid of bringing a different sound to mainstream music. Don’t Kill The Fun proved that Sevyn has a lot to offer musically and I cannot wait to see what she has to offer in 2016.

5. Dawn – Dance
Since Danity Kane disbanded for a second time in 2014, Dawn has not looked back since. The singer/songwriter got right back to her solo career and she did not disappoint. While wasting no time Dawn Released her sophomore album BlackHeart. A few months after releasing the album, Dawn was ready to start working on the final chapter of her Heart themed trilogy album. In September of 2015 Dawn unleashed her Ester Dean penned single “Dance,” which is a little more mainstream than what we are used to from Dawn’s solo music, but it works. Dawn did not stray to far away from the sound that fans love her for. If Dance is any indication of what we can expect to hear on Redemption Heart, this might be one of Dawn’s best album from the trilogy.


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44521El Seven/Republic recording artist Adrian Marcel sang the National Anthem at the Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game. Last year Adrian Marcel released his Weak After Next mixtape executive produced by Raphael Saadiq, featured appearances by Kelly Rowland, Casey Veggies & Snoop Dogg. The rising singer debut album is expected to debut in early 2015.

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Last week we spoke to R&B Diva Claudette Ortiz about the new season of R&B Diva’s LA, in the interview Claudette spoke about what fans can expect to see this season and her thoughts on Chante Moore and the studio misunderstanding. We also spoke about Claudette’s new single Automatic and the new music we can expect to hear very soon.

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Get use to hearing her name a lot because singer/blogger Jessi Malay is here to let music lovers everywhere she is here to stay, we recently caught up with the singer who is now opening up for Danity Kane on their No Filter Tour. While some people may be familiar with her from her super popular fashion blog “My White T” but Jessi is more than just a fashion sensation she is also an artist who is on the rise. Check out our new interview with the artist as we talk about her transition from Fashion blogger to music entertainer.

YMMW: Many people know you as a popular fashion blogger, how has the transition been from Fashion Blogging to becoming a recording artist?
Jessi: Music and performing is actually my first passion in life! I started touring with performing groups when I was a kid, then at 14 joined a girl group called No Secrets, and we signed to Jive Records. From there, at 17 I signed with Warner Bros Records as a solo artist and was with them for almost 4 years before deciding to negotiate out of my contract. At that time I made the decision to go back to school and about a year and a half ago, graduated from UCLA. Since then I’ve been really focusing all of my attention on my music and fashion blogging.. What I love about blogging is that it’s a way to be creatively expressive on a daily basis and the turn around time is quick. With music, it’s a much longer process. It’s amazing how well people have taken to the blog, and now that I’ve finally just released my debut EP, I’m hoping people love the music just as much if not more!
YMMW: Tell us more about your new EP Give Me Life, what producers and songwriters did you collaborate with to create this project?
Jessi: Give Me Life is made up of 9 tracks, 4 previously released, and 5 brand new ones that talk about love, lust, and everything in between. I actually made the decision to work with one team on the whole project so that we could accomplish a consistent, cohesive sound from one song to the next. I collaborated with the production team BPM, which is made up of producer Brian “Deep” Watters, singer/songwriter Mika Lett, and singer/songwriter/vocal producer Phillipe “Whitey” Bianco.
YMMW:  Since being a big internet sensation with your blog My White T, do you feel like that platform has helped you grow a fan base when it comes to your music?
Jessi: Absolutely! Fashion blogging is such a great way to connect with other bloggers and fashion enthusiasts in general, and is this whole new community I’ve been able to connect with! What’s also great about blogging is that people can feel more connected to you on a personal level and on a daily basis. So now that I’m releasing my music, I feel like people will be more inclined to really give it a listen because they follow my daily life and the process I went through to get here.
YMMW:  On your new EP “Give Me Life” which song do you feel is your most personable song that fans will know more about Jessi Malay
Jessi: The most personable song on the EP is definitely ‘Thing About Love’ which is about when you meet that person that changes your life forever, then realizing even though that love can be so good, it can be so bad, and knowing that if you don’t leave, it’ll ruin you.
YMMW:  What music artists do you currently listen to that have influenced you to sing?
Jessi: I mean, is anyone on the planet not inspired by Beyonce? She’s everything and more.. I respect that woman immensely and love how she can be taken seriously as a boss and   a sex kitten.
YMMW:  In the past you have had previous records deals with Jive Records and Warner Bros with being signed what have you learned after going through those label situations that you bring into your current solo career?
Jessi: During my time at Jive and WBR I learned everything I know about the  music industry and the formal steps to take to make, release, and promote music. I learned what it takes to be at the top by witnessing the hustle of my label mates. I also got to experience what it’s like to tour and perform for 20,000 people, how to use social media as free and effective marketing, and met a lot of really amazing, talented people I am still friends with and work with till this day.
YMMW: What do you hope listener will learn about you after hearing this EP?
Jessi: I hope listeners will understand how passionate I am about my music and everything I do artistically.. My team and I really put our all into this project and we did everything from  the music, to the music videos, to booking this tour with Danity Kane completely on our own. I love what I do.. I know it’s a blessing to be able to make music my career, and I hope people can see that.
Make sure you all download Jessi new EP Give Me Life which is available on Itunes Now!