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I hate falling on my face over and over again, when I should be taking the lesson in from the embarrassment and adjust myself, so I don`t fall for that mess again and break a pattern I`ve created. We put ourselves in situation that feed one part of us yet limit us from growing and evolving.

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Sometimes some scars are too deep to heal from that we start to cater to them as if they were a plant and we are the rain. Before we know we have created a cancer that deeply rooted and killing us slowly.

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There are so many nights I wish I was a real hoe, losing myself in countless arms of strangers in strange places but I`ve grown so much over the years and know what I really want in life and honestly as much as I find it frustrating I can`t lower myself to that level and the last time I truly loved someone I was in my late teens and never knew how to embrace that feeling but now I`m grown as fuck, I know better and trust that in due time everything shall fall into place with or without a man I will be fucking happy and forever complete.

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I can live with or without a relationship as I`ve over the years yet I know how they work because I`ve seen it all and know myself enough to not put myself in situations that don`t honor my worth nor reflect a future that I seek.

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“I`m in no need for love it`s not for me because there`s no trust in love..” Some scars are so deep that we keep them closely to our hearts to shield away people who want to come in and help us heal but you fear that they would cause more damage instead of healing. But we owe it to ourselves to take back our lives from past experiences and just learn from them not dwell in them that we end up living a life of fear of loving nor living a better life filled with pure joy.

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Most of y`all know I always write about music but I`m extremely passionate about fashion as it`s my second love, I studied art and fashion in college and that opened my eyes to a whole new world that saw expressing myself more freely and educating myself on all the different elements within the fashion world. One of them is styling which I got to do towards the end of my course, where I had to style two different shoots about colour blocking and the other one was about punk rock music , I killed it.

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86fbe5a0-24bf-0133-094e-0e76e5725d9dHello everyone it’s Zion here
I know I’ve not posted as much as I would love to I just had to take a break from it all to focus on myself and focus on things in my life that were happening and it really helped me refresh my passion for writing and listening to music again and exploring more topics that move me. I had come back more dedicated, more focused and more creative because I love music and I like putting my s*** out there for people to understand my passion and my understanding for real music, which is still needed nowadays because we listening to the same s*** over and over and having artist degrading their talent to sell a sound that doesn`t do them justice, is extremely depressing and have so many artists being comfortable with being comfortable and doing the same mediocre s*** is sad. That`s why I`m always hard on artists and explore new grounds of talent to be inspired and relate to some real s***. Anywho I’m back now to give you my honest opinion about everything and everything music fashion, love , life excreta all the type of b*******. Are you ready?

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IMG_0124I`m slowly approaching the age of 25 years old, which is an age that I never thought I would reach for obvious reasons, “a black life nowadays gets shot down like it`s nothing” but I want to take this time to reflect on my growth and overcoming fear of becoming myself. When I was younger I always knew deep down that I was different from the rest of the kids in my class but fear of self acceptance was heavy as hell on my heart that I had to hide deeper and deeper within myself that I become someone who was extremely numb.