‘Hidden Figures’ Shines Light On Black Women

‘Hidden Figures’ Shines Light On Black Women

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This past weekend me and one of my best friends Wyatt got the chance to watch the film “Hidden Figures” which is a story about Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson – three African-American women whose contributions to the US space programme are celebrated now, not overlooked anymore.

This is honestly one of the most important films to be displayed on the big screen in years as tells such a powerful story without polishing up the truth for it to be a commercial success *Hollywoodism*. The director handled with this movie care as it addresses racism and sexism back in the 60`s it showed a very hash reality of what they had to deal with but I love the fact that they didn`t let that get in their way and limit them from achieving their goals. Janelle Monáe, Taraji P. Henson, and Octavia Spencer are all superb in their respective roles here, along with some surprisingly good scenes with Jim Parsons and Kevin Costner.


“Don’t you know that we’re able? Let alone makes us major, we can now sit at the table and grow in his favor”- Pharrell Williams

Wyatt and I left the cinema feeling inspired, motivated and emotional as this is the kind of stories that we need to see and hear more about more as it`s so beautiful seeing people embracing who they are and feeling passionate about their purpose that they will go the extra mile to achieve their goals/dreams without letting limits stop them.


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