Teedra Moses: Love, Music And Other Shit Part 1

Teedra Moses: Love, Music And Other Shit Part 1

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A couple of years ago, the talented R&B songstress Teedra Moses posted some amazing posts on her Myspace account which all embodying so much honesty and truth about our society, so I decided to post some on my site for y`all to get some life.

Teedra Moses: What in the hell is with people that think they are better than another? Let me start by saying I am no saint, I have pass judgment on folk before so that makes me kind of (sort of???) guilty. I’m saying shit like the lady of the house talking down to her house keeper or a well educated scholar tooting his nose up at a hood ni**a, a chick riding a benz off of a man’s hard work looking down at the next girl on the bus stop.

I was raised to respect people based on the respect I’m given, that’s how my dad saw it and my mother thought you should treat people how you want to be treated no matter how they act (sorrry mommy I gotta roll with my dad on this one). I guess I’ve always been in favor of the underdog and the outsider possibly (I’m realizing as an adult) because something in me can relate. Can you believe that shit? As spectacular as lil mama is and forever will be lol, I feel like an outsider but this is because I choose to be, sometimes I don’t wanna belong and for that people I thought were my friends looked down on me. I was so naive because I don’t judge friends I just except them as they are.

If you’ve gotten close enough to me to be considered a true friend (I’m extremely selective about people I let near me and my family) I’ll just love you for who you are. I think that people that look down on others for any reasons (race, financial status, social class etc.) are insecure hurt people. They can only validate themselves by hating on the next person, normally I’ve found there is something in this person that the hater envies. In my opinion, this is simply a reaction to the haters own personal insecurities. The hater’s not confident enough to check themselves so they deflect it on another.

I’ve seen some shit in all the years I’ve been around the music industry, I’ve seen them rise and fall. Not only for that reason, I treat the craft service lady to the bellman at the hotel, to the president of my record label all the same, according to how they treat me.

Life is short, cut that shit out. We all eat, shit and gonna die. Why is our society based on this bull shit????? The most attractive characters of any human being male or female is confidence and humility. I pray for those qualities daily, feel me.


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