Why Can`t We Let Tink Be Great

Why Can`t We Let Tink Be Great

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22 year old  Chicago rapper Tink has been killing the underground scene with her mixtapes which could easily been albums already as they see her in her element delivering some raw and edgy material that connects with her fans on a deeper level. But there`s a huge disconnect with the material she has produced under heavyweight hip-hop producer Timbaland, the music is good but it doesn`t showcase her full potential as it`s very watered down and very limiting at times.I`m here for Tim co-signing her as the girl is the real deal but she has better musical chemistry with other producers who let her fly and create some raw music.

And the fact she has 6 mixtapes under her belt and she has yet to make to the mainstream scene shows a lack of support from her team as this girl gonna be a huge problem on the music scene, she is extremely talented and gifted, she just has a weak foundation that`s limiting her from making a huge splash. Her music is stellar and actually shits on what’s on the radio currently. Her last mixtape was extremely amazing as it displayed her storytelling skills so beautifully – raw and edgy but her team ain`t pushing her music out here as much as they need to and also find a different approach to getting her out here, team her up with a huge fashion brand and get placements for her music on tv shows and get her on magazine covers and tour cities and also perform on national tv. 
We are rooting for you Tink.



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