Toni Braxton Launches New Body Care Brand “Nude Sugar”

Toni Braxton Launches New Body Care Brand “Nude Sugar”

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Global Icon Toni Braxton is stepping into a new business venture as she introduces her new body care brand Nude SugarTM, a luxury body care with rich proprietary formulas developed to enrich and enhance the skin for women of all colors; which is set to exclusively debuted at ULTA BEAUTY stores and yesterday  September 20, 2021. Fulfilling a long-standing goal of creating serious body care solutions that she felt have been missing in the market. A true entrepreneur, she saw the need and lack of options for herself and women of all color, so she created the products that she wanted to buy.


The product range is specifically for melanin-rich skin tones. Developed alongside a team of industry experts and formulators each product targets core body care needs. Nude SugarTM is developed using hero ingredients like 100% Sugarcane derived Squalane and Plum seed oil. Squalane is naturally found in human sebum and keeps our skin hydrated. 100% Sugarcane Squalane is lightweight on your skin and non-comedogenic. Plum Seed oil protects skin from free radicals while healing hydrating that is ideal for all skin types.


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