Album Review: Tweet – “Charlene”

Album Review: Tweet – “Charlene”

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cover“Oops (Oh My),” singer-songwriter Tweet makes her triumphant return with her third album which is simply titled “Charlene”, which a follow up to her 2005 second album “It`s Me Again”. The album features 15 tracks inducing her singles “Won`t Hurt Me”, “Magic” and “Neva Shouda Left Ya” and the album features work from longtime friends and collaborators such as Craig Brockman, Charlie Bereal, Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

“I wanted to give up. People sending me tweets, saying they wanted me back, that kept me. It inspired me. It told me maybe I made a difference in someone’s life and I shouldn’t stop. I was inspired by that.”


She kicks off the album with a smooth guitar driven number “Intro: Soulfully Yours, Charlene” which is layered with smoky vocals as she introduces the album, she follows iy up with “Magic” which serves as the second single. It is smooth-sultry number that truly sees her in her elements, throwing herself all the way in and displaying all the emotions of being in love and that real kind that brings out the best in you, it`s lush:The love you give, said it’s so outstanding. My heart’s steady beating for ya and I’m enchanted and it, I’m smitten with how all this is happening, my heart is telling me this love is so right…”

 “Won’t Hurt Me,” is acoustic guitar driven number that finds her showcasing her soothing vocals tells her lover that she tired of his player ways and she sees through it all and is completely over the whole relationship and she knows she is worthy of more “Save your crocodile tears, I was with them long time ago, stop right there cause you don`t need to be putting on a show. What are you trying to prove, you can move how you want to move, the truth is I don`t care I just want to make it clear…Do whatever it is you got to do, it won’t hurt me.”

“Priceless” speaks about finding a man who`s love is so divine and pure and brings out the best in her and no amount of money or gifts could ever measure up to his love, “I know you can`t afford to buy me fancy cars, clothes, expensive things I am already rich on the love you bring….”..”All it takes is a kiss and I’m on Cloud 9,” She sings over a smooth production and her vocal delivery showcases so much growth and confidence. 
“Interlude: All I See Is You” is a piano driven number that finds her addressing a man she loves for questioning her love, “Cause I get of hearing do I love y a? being insecure and all is that is not attractive, cause I love ya that`s all you need to know. ” She quickly follows it up with “Somebody Else Will” that sees her reuniting with Missy Elliott and Timbaland,  it serves as female empowerment anthem that speaks about leaving a bad relationship with a man who didn`t realise your worth but you did and you told him Boy, you thought that I would never leave, I tried to compromise. I’m wondering, “Do you still love me?” cause I don’t see it in your eyes, I don’t feel it when you hold me, don’t feel like you still love me. I’m all up in my feelings, I feel like it is something, damn!, what am I doing wrong? You gon’ miss me when I’m gone, If you don’t love me, somebody else will…”

“Addicted” could easily be titled “Beautiful Pt2” as it`s a sultry number that laced up with beautiful harmonies and addictive guitar licks that create a great foundation for her lay down her airy-smooth vocals as she sings about the man she has fallen head over heels for “You`re the kind of medicine that keeps me from heartache, falling into piece, you`re all that I ever think of, I will keep on waiting on you boy….”

 “Neva Shouda Left Ya” is a guitar driven number that finds her reflecting on walking away from a relationship that had so many problems yet the love was so real but she got caught up in her feelings and left, he went on to have a great relationship with someone else and she is on the side-line looking back in regret: “Who am I fooling, I really miss you so bad. I talk to friends and argue and they say I lost the best thing I ever had but at the time I felt it made sense I decided to go. I regret it`s too late to fix it, so I guess I`ll never know if it would`ve worked out or what…”
“The Hardest Thing” features a weepy production that works amazingly well with helping her get her message across about holding on to something when you know you need to let it go and free yourself but sometimes we get so caught in painful situation or relationship because we are too comfortable and deep in it that letting go seems to be the hardest thing to do but we need to let it go and live in our truth. “I`m tired of disappointments , I want to leave them behind, forward with no regrets but I didn`t know how hard this will be, can`t be so hard….”

“Got Whatcha Want” speaks about a man who claimed to be the total package for her and was gonna treat her heart with nothing tender love and care but as time past he displayed his true colours by disrespecting her love with lying and cheating and she accepted it but she has finally saw the light : “Say I got the sweet bouquet but I`m still guarded, it can not and won`t change that I`m disheartened, you say you miss our happy days, all I remember, the promises that you made but never deliver, I believed every word you say “I got whatcha want, I`m whatcha need”

Interlude: Will You Be Hereis short but sweet little number with a retro production which smoothly introduces the following track called I Didn’t Knowwhich features a smooth guitar driven production with a touch old skool elements with in. It talks about Tweet catching her man having an affair that help her realize that this relationship built o nothing but dust not trust  “I didn`t know, you would be the one who would bring me to tears “… “It wasn’t love, I agree, maybe comfort was safe with me … but I can’t supply that no more….it`s over.”

Dadada…..Struggleis hands down my favorite track, her amazing songwriting skills are on displaying more on this track and her honestly is so relatable and her vocals shine so beautifully as she sings about struggling with her emotions about what real love is “it`s time that I wake up, long overdue. I don`t wantcha never me but I`m hooked severely….“….”This love is so right yet so wrong.”
I Was Created For This is her own personal testimony and public declaration of her God-given gifts, “He gave me a song for me to tell me the story“..”This is who I am, I can no longer pretend and I was created for this” she sings it so beautifully over uplifting production.
She closes up the album with “Outro: I Surrender” which is a beautiful songs that talks about trusting that everything shall get better every day, especially when you embrace god or a love so pure and power that it will help you become stronger everyday: “I`m faint but I`m standing, my heart is broken in so many pieces but here I am to receive love from you. With all the patience and arms wide open you said you would handle me well ad I believe you will…”
Overall: This is a great musical offering that sees her come into her own and displaying alot of vocal growth and sharing amazing stories that will touch many people.





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