3 Bad B*tches Doing Their Thing: FKA Twigs, DAWN And Sevyn Streeter

3 Bad B*tches Doing Their Thing: FKA Twigs, DAWN And Sevyn Streeter

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avatars-000052325852-rqod8n-t500x500While the mainstream is filled with mediocre artists putting out the same type of music with the same approach and all. There are always those who stand out as they are  creating a lane that allows them to put out music that steps out the box and exposes people to some creative shit that we`ve seen in years and they stand strong in their truth.  Here are some of my favorite artist who giving me nothing but solid and flawless pieces of art. 


I talk about this girl all the time because FKA Twigs is such a creative focus that is a great mixture of Aaliyah, Bjork and Sade. I love the dark undertone to her sound and she is so fearless and her visuals are always full of energy and creativity and darkness.

dawn-richardEver since Dawn Richard has gone solo she has been killing it as an independent artist, putting out quality music with visuals to music and is honestly she is by far one of the most refreshing and highly underrated artist on the scene, she is ten times more creative than most major artists on the charts. Hopefully she will get her chance to blow the charts up and show people something different and so needed.


Sevyn Streeter is bold and fearless and real, her delivery and honesty is what R&B music was built on, so it`s great having an artist like her on the scene. Everything she has released has been solid from her EPs to her singles which are all leading up to the release of her highly  album “Girl Disrupted” which surely without a doubt be stellar and showcase more of her rawness.



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