Album Review: Eric Benet – Eric Benet

Album Review: Eric Benet – Eric Benet

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Eric Benet has released his eight studio album which serves as his self-titled album which collaborations with Tamia, Arturo Sandoval and MC Lyte. The 13 track set sees him delivering another solid album which fits perfectly in his discography. He is honestly giving me everything that we wanted from Maxwell`s current album, which says alot because that album was disappointing on so many levels so this album right here is a great replacement.

Opens the album with “Can’t Tell U Enough” a breezy upbeat number that features some smooth honk sections that create a great foundation for him to showcase his stellar vocals as he sings about the love of his life and not knowing how his life would be without her.

“Sunshine” is beautifully heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time as speaks about “a reflective memory about a relationship that has lost its spark, with a longing for how love-filled & joyous their lives used to be in the past. The song will hopefully inspire people to actively create and savor the joy and ‘sunshine’ in every one of their relationships.”. The smooth number sees him displaying his beautiful falsetto throughout the song.

“Insane” is a smooth slow-tempo number that will have you pull your lover closer and make some babies as he creates the perfect mood and delivers one of the first stand tracks of the album. I love how his vocals build up and hit this orgasment moment. He follows it up with a groovy number “Cold Trigger” which features such a 70`s , 80`s appeal to it, with a soft vocal harmonies that blend beautifully with the production, creating a great marriage.

“Home” is a piano driven ballad number with a solid drum and guitar work, it talks about losing your way in life but you discover yourself all over again as someone has came into your life with a love so pure and real that you find your way home. This needs to be a single as it one of the strongest musical offerings off this album. “Holdin On” sees him teaming up with the legendary rapper MC Lyte as they come together over a soft-rock based production, while I feel that she didn`t quite bring anything to the track, it was need hearing from her. She just sounded misplaced on a track that didn`t need any kind of feature.

“Fun & Games” is a bittersweet ballad that talks about the downside of love, where is the focus is off building a relationship but on playing games without knowing that one of you will surely get hurt at the end of it all. He switches things around with “Run To Me” an salsa influence number featuring the extremely talented Cuban jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, who I feel stole the show to me, his addition truly captured the heart of the song.

“Floating Thru Time” is one of the most beautiful songs I`ve ever heard, from his poetic lyrics to his heartfelt and soulful vocals about making love. His falsetto is framed by the smooth production and the harmonies sound so heavenly. “Broke, Beat & Busted” is a piano driven number with some stunning classical string work creating a great foundation to sing about where he would be if he didn`t have his woman by his side who has essence of love and trust.

“That Day” is a heartfelt ballad that talks about forever lasting love through these years and growing old together. The production during the verses felt so empty and sightly boring but it picked up during the hook and bridge.

“Never Be The Same (Luna’s Lullaby)” is a sweet dedication to his 2-year old daughter Amoura Luna about their relationship and also empowering her through life: “I’ve written songs about my oldest (India) and my second oldest (Lucia) so it was important to write something for my youngest.” “I wanted Luna to have a song that was very much her own and also address some of the thoughts I had as a child,””She can listen to this song now as a lullaby and hopefully when she’s a young woman going through life’s changes she can play it and understand her significance not only in my life but in this world.”




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