Album Review: Fantasia Slays ‘The Definition Of…’

Album Review: Fantasia Slays ‘The Definition Of…’

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Fantasia has finally released her much-anticipated fifth album titled “The Definition Of…” which finds her more fearless, raw and transparent, unafraid to display all her emotions and make the listeners feel her words, her confident vocals reflect the strength she has discovered. The album incorporates numerous styles of mmusic from R&B, pop, jazz, rock and country. It features production by industry greats such as Ron Fair, R. Kelly, Brian Kennedy, Neff-U and Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon and also features duets with artists like Stacy Barthe, Tye Tribbett, and Aloe Blacc.

“I fought for this album. So much to the point where I think I got on on people’s nerves, I love music across the board. Not just gospel but R&B, pop, rock, jazz, country, I have a country song on my album. I said I’m not going to allow anyone to put me in a box anymore. How are you going to tell me what to sing and how to sing if I’m the artist. Right?” Fantasia revealed.

She kicks off the album with “Crazy” which is a bright and bubbly retro number that features a strong foundation built on an electric guitar production and some smooth horn work. She delivers an unmistakable message “If you`re done with me, you`re gonna be crazy….just like me”.

She follows it up with “No Time For It”  a mellow mid-tempo number with reserved vocal from Fantasia, as she sings about not having time for the people who want to put in their two cents about her life without knowing anything about it “I don’t care for gossip, what they gonna say? Just got off the plane I’m strictly focused on commas and dollars signs in my pockets.” And “And if they’re bring up problems there’s not time for it.” Basically, Fantasia is giving a big ole fat middle finger to the haters – she doesn’t care what they’ve got to say.

“So Blue” a warm mid-tempo number that features some funky guitar and drama work that create a solid foundation for to lay down some sultry vocals as she sings about a tale of a bad relationship where cheating is involved:  “See a lot of times when things happen, you react in the moment. And you’re not thinking about anything but trying to get that person back or make that person hurt like you hurt. And when you have time to sit back and think about it, it’s too late, the damage is already done.”

“When I Met You” is a R&B-pop love ballad that features a smooth drum-strings production backed up soulful background vocals. The song is about looking back at your past relationships and mistakes and accepting them as nothing more than lessons learned and stepping into your current relationship with a better understanding of love and embracing this new love which allows you to re-discover yourself all over again: “Listen to me when I tell you without him there would be no you, so yes, I thank my ex a little still.”…“When I met you, I met me too,”

“Sleeping With The One I Love” is a big, bold and dramatic ballad with a classic 60`s soul sound to it that is very reminiscent of artists like James Brown, Sam Cooke,Tom Jones and Curtis Mayfield and was written by the legendary R. Kelly. “I’m sleeping with the one I love, ’cause the one I’m with is good to me, but just ain’t good enough,” sings Fantasia  over brassy horn segments, about the man that treats her well and gives her all the material comforts isn’t the one that her heart longs for.

“Stay Up” is a groovy uplifting and motivational number that features the talented singer Stacy Barthe, together they create such a unique tribal sound that sure to grab all of your attention within the first 10 seconds of listening and honestly more songs like this are needed more than ever with the killings happening left and right and people dealing with poverty etc.

“Ugly” is a very brave move as we see Fantasia stepping outside the box that many people try to put her into, she beautifully tackles country music as she sings over a piano driven production, backed up by a smooth guitar work and her vocal delivery is so soulful and heartfelt as tells a story about  a young girl who grew up in a hurry: “Now skinny jeans and Maybelline, make pretty girls do crazy things. Teenage tears and bathroom mirrors, will stick with you throughout your years. Trust me, it`s all so ugly. Picket fence, two car garage and a man that she don’t love but he makes six figures and she thought he’d fix her…”

“Wait For You” starts off with a very personal phone call between her and her husband Kendall Taylor, about missing each other and looking forward to spending more quality time with each other, then it jets into a smooth, breezy jazzy-pop number that is piano driven, laced up with a very warm vocal delivery.

“Roller Coasters” is guitar driven number that sees her teaming up with Aloe Blacc as they use the fear and anxiety of a roller coaster ride as a metaphor with the fear and turbulence she’s experienced in life and how she is gonna keep on riding as nothing fazes her anymore:  “All these roller coasters in my mind whirl by, lines around the block just for one ride. Round and round and round, like I’m used to, round and round and round, I’mma ride you.”

“Lonely Legend”finds Fantasia channeling Tina Turner on this soulful bluesy number with huge horn segments and killer guitar work which makes you want to see it live as we all know she would murder it ten times more and display so much energy and passion. Singing in her mid-range throughout the verse until the hook where she delivers a stellar vocal performance very smooth.

She closes the set with a very uplifting upbeat gospel number called “I Made It” which was written by Tye Tribbett who also features on it, it serves as her own testimony to God for he has done for her though all the ups and downs, she is beyond grateful: “The enemy really tried to take me out … but I’m still standing after all I’ve been through…and it’s all because of you.”

Overall, this album is a true step up from her previous . Fantasia continues to grow and is fearlessly taking huge risks that are paying off as her artistry is becoming richer and richer and she is exploring more ways of touching people, not boxing herself like most artist do nowadays.

Listen to it below and make sure you purchase it at your nearest music store, support real music.


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