Album Sleeper: Missy Elliott – ‘The Cookbook’

Album Sleeper: Missy Elliott – ‘The Cookbook’

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In 2005 saw Missy Elliott releasing her sixth album titled “The Cookbook”, which peaked at number 2 on the on the Billboard 200, with singles: “Lose control “,”Teary Eyed” and “We Run This”. This album one of the best albums of 2005, it was very energetic with lyrical wit. The album feature a range of sounds and influences from old school rap, smooth R&B mid-tempos, futuristic hip-hop bangers and a touch of Caribbean influences. 

“Lose Control” was a great lead single that was both commercial  and hip-hop, great balance that allowed her showcase her creativity. It was all over the radio stations and the Dave Meyers directed music video for the single was on repeat on TRL and 106 & Park and it won her countless awards, including fifth Grammy-award. 

“The Cookook” was perfection from start to finish, I loved the funny intro, then goes right into “Joy” which had a very funky production to it. “My Struggles” saw Elliott opening up about her struggles growing up “When I was young my pops, throw rocks. Always shit talk to my moms and call the cops, couldn’t wait ’til I was nice and grown. Sick of daddy mouth ’til six in the morn`. On and on and on ’til the record scratch and if I made a few scraps I would never come back. Take moms with me and a few ADAT’s and make a song about dad and tell pops he’s a rat.” “Meltdown” was my jam, a smooth sexy mid-tempo track with sassy vocal delivery.  ”4 My Man” got played in my house daily, “On And On” should`ve been a single, because it featured all the elements of what a single should be and it would`ve been a huge hit. “We Run This” was another great single choice, featuring a funky sample of The Sugarhill Gang version of The Shadows’ song “Apache”, Missy`s personality and flow fitted the track perfectly.

”Teary Eyed” is so underrated, that track allowed  Missy to express her side to her that was so raw and relatable, song about being in a relationship and the love of your life, brings out the worse in you because you`re working so hard to make this relationship but he is doing his thing on the side:“ And I compromised all my time and rearranged my life to make sure you was fine cuz our love was on the line. And I became so unkind cuz you brought the worst out of me. This is (this is) how the story goes those ones who know when its out of control, you work (work) and you work (work) and someone gets hurt and I guess that be me.”

Missy slayed on this album, it was so different and sometimes, when something is too different, people will ignore it but people who truly appreciate real music support it.

My favorite tracks: “Lose Control” ,”On & On”, “We Run This”, “Teary Eyed”,”Joy”,”Meltdown”,”4 My Man”,”Bad Man” and ”My Struggles”.


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