Artist To Watch: Toronto Singer Jessie Reyez

Artist To Watch: Toronto Singer Jessie Reyez

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Every once in a while there comes an artist who simply standsout for all the good reasons as newcomer Jessie Reyez has displayed so far with the release of her two singles “Figures” and “Shutter Island” which are both emotionally connected and intense and lased up her beautifully unique vocals.

“Figures” is an acoustic number that sees her laying it all out there as she addresses her man that the relationship has come to a very painful end as he has disrespected and mistreated her for far too long and she wants him to feel the pain of losing something real and for him to know that his actions throughout the relationship planted so many seeds of mistrust *as they say karma is a bitch if you`re one.* and wishes him to feel the same pain when he enters into a new relationship “I wish I could hurt you back. Love, what would you do if you couldn’t get me back, you’re the one who’s gonna lose something so special, something so real. Tell me boy, how in the fuck would you feel? If you couldn’t get me back.”

“Shutter Island” is a very dark and very intense ballad that features a haunting electronic production that works amazingly well with her grainy vocals as she jumps into the deep end, singing about a toxic relationship that she can`t seem to let go of, because everytime they try to break up and go their separate ways, they keep on coming back together even when there`s so many warning signs that they are not meant to be together. “For a second I forgot I was a bad bitch, begging you to stay became a habit. I’m tired of begging you to love me. I know I can be better, needed practice. I know I can be better, but the fact is I’m tired of begging you to love me”


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