BADASS Fashion Sketches By Zion

BADASS Fashion Sketches By Zion

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Most of y`all know I always write about music but I`m extremely passionate about fashion as it`s my second love, I studied art and fashion in college and that opened my eyes to a whole new world that saw expressing myself more freely and educating myself on all the different elements within the fashion world. One of them is styling which I got to do towards the end of my course, where I had to style two different shoots about colour blocking and the other one was about punk rock music , I killed it.


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During the project I had to search fashion stylist and came across two of my favorite women in the fashion industry, the legendary June Ambrose (I see so much of who I become in her and her reality show helped me understand and love fashion even more) and Olori Swank who is a beast at what she does, she inspires me more in becoming a strong individual and live outside the box. These ladies (including Beyonce and Rihanna) are everything and have inspired me to sketch up these following fashion illustrations that showcased women in such a bold light where they own their sexuality without feeling limited to fit a box that many women are placed.

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