Gettin’ In The Way Of Your Self-Respect And Peace

Gettin’ In The Way Of Your Self-Respect And Peace

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I`m sitting here listening to  Philadelphia songstress Jill Scott`s debut album “Who is Jill Scott? Words & Sounds Vol. 1.” and I can`t help but get in my feelings as “Gettin’ in the Way” comes on , it finds her addressing her man`s ex girlfriend who can`t seem to move on that she has to go the extra mile to ruin his current relationship but Jill ain`t the one to mess as she tells the girl “What you had is gone, our thing is sweet, our thing is stronger than any lie you can tell on me. He knows my heart and that’s the part, your roots are dug up so you might as well give up. I see your intentions, you can’t handle the truth, he let you go a long time ago now it’s time to turn him loose”

Many of us can relate to this subject on both ends actually, because anyone who has been through a very painful breakup that shit cuts you so deep that you can`t see him or her with anyone but you and dwell in that emotion and the minute they start moving on you feel attached and emotionally messed as you didn`t appreciate them enough without knowing that there will come a moment that they wake up out of the coma and know that they are worth more than what you`re giving them but you`re so wrapped in your feelings that you can`t see that. But honestly takes time and more time to make peace with the whole thing and know that the right person is out there for you, don`t waste your time and energy trying to ruin his/her new situation. 


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