New Music: JoJo Drops ‘Mad Love’

New Music: JoJo Drops ‘Mad Love’

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54660854cb3cfc5759038a99192bbdaa.600x600x1The beautiful and extremely talented songstress Jojo is gearing up to finally release her long awaited third album titled “Mad Love.” which is slated for release on October 14 via Atlantic Records. While we wait for the album, she has decided to drop the title track and here`s what she had to say about it in her Vogue interview: “In the beginning of the year, when I started on this album, I got into the studio while at the end of this relationship that I wasn’t really able to let go of, and Mad Love is a product of talking about that. Sometimes the emotions are so strong that you stay in it because it’s so exhilarating. What you get from it is passion and crazy and intensity, even though it might not be good for you. It’s so abundant, it’s so strong, and it’s what you’re used to and what you end up craving. That’s the standpoint that I wrote it from.”

“Lay here with me in the dark, I know my edges are sharp but sometimes the pain is what hurts you so good. You took a knife to my heart and cut out the rational parts, I knew that you were just misunderstood…” Jojo talks about being in a very intense place in her life where she is struggling with letting go of a bad relationship, as much as she sees all the red signs she can`t free herself as the love is so deep to let go, we can all relate to that. Loving the soulful retro production, that she laces up with her powerful vocals, she makes you feel her pain and passion.


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