Lessons In The Embarrassment

Lessons In The Embarrassment

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I hate falling on my face over and over again, when I should be taking the lesson in from the embarrassment and adjust myself, so I don`t fall for that mess again and break a pattern I`ve created. We put ourselves in situation that feed one part of us yet limit us from growing and evolving.

And I`m too much of a good friend that I don`t speak up on things that hurt me at times – I`m done with saying sorry for being real with my thoughts and my feelings and I`m done feeling that I need anyone to fill up any empty moments in my life as those moments are needed for me to be still and reflect and be with myself and I`m so fucking done chasing people who are not worthy to be in my life – that`s the biggest lesson I`ve learned this year that no one I mean no one is worth the stress and hustle and annoying moments of the empty back and forth and half ass attempts at making things work when I`m the only one trying to make things work out – friendship based type of shit. I`ve been disrespected and also disrespected my damn self for far too long, I`m done.



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