Music Gem: Ciara Feat. Ludacris – “High Price”

Music Gem: Ciara Feat. Ludacris – “High Price”

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In 2009 Ciara released her third album “Fantasy Ride” which delayed four times before it even got a release date which saw the album sadly not reaching a mass audience unlike her first two albums, it’s likely that those who bought the album are diehard fans.Ciara
The biggest problem with the album was the whole musical approach as each single choices saw moving further and further from a sound that we have custom to, she was no longer working with the producers that put her on the map. I`m all here for artist spreading their wings and working other producers and songwriters but with her she shined on Jazze Pha`s production and offered a sound that was refreshing.

“Fantasy Ride” is a good album through, it`s just has a forgettable factor about it but it does have some highlights one being “High Price” which I honestly think it should`ve been the lead single as it`s a stellar record that was produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart and features a great verse from Ludacris. One of the best things about it was how effortless it sounds and it could easily be “Oh Part 2” as it stray away from her crunk sound and she sings it in a histrionic opera voice which makes the record even more great: “See me in the club rockin’ Christian Louboutin, I should be a Iraq shawty ’cause I am the bomb. I got a million dollar house on my earlobe, Boy, I know you want it but what do you got on it? You know me, see the vuitons all on my rim. You know me, yeah, we all singers but I’m not quite like them, you know me, if he’s a buster then you won’t see me with him. Yeah, I know you want it but what do you got on it?.”


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