Music Gems: Jazmine Sullivan – “My Career” And “In Vain”

Music Gems: Jazmine Sullivan – “My Career” And “In Vain”

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Jazmine_SullivanA couple of years Jazmine Sullivan retired from the music industry to only return to 2015 with the release of her album “Reality Show” but during that time alot of songs started leak and one of them is the Salaam Remi produced called “My Career”. It finds the Philly songstress singing over the drums from Al Green`s “I’m Glad You’re Mine” as she addresses a topic that most of us have dealt with, being so committed to your career that the person you`re in a relationship with starts accusing you of cheating which is not the matter, sometimes we need Stedman Graham (Oprah`s man) in our lives, a man who secure within himself to understand that your career comes first and supports and loves you even more being of your independence and knows where your heart is.

“My man just told me he’s leaving, he swears to God that I’m creeping. I know it looks like I’m cheating, cause he ain’t no fool. He’s tired of being alone, he says that I’m never at home, I won’t pretend I ain’t dead wrong but it ain’t room for 2. So if you think that you gotta leave, I won’t shed a tear. Cause it ain’t a man that means more than my career….” she sings so beautifully with a soft vocal styling.

The second sing is an alternate, stripped back, version of “In Vain” which served as a bonus track from her sophomore album “Love Me Back”, it finds her painfully singing about the downside of love; when you`re giving your all to a relationship and get blindsided when that person leaves you like you were nothing, he moves on to new relationship and she simply tells him not to take love for grant as he did with hers: “Hope she’s all that matters, hope you two live happily ever after. Hope she always makes you smile, hope she’s really worth your while. Cause if you’d sacrifice everything it better not be in vain.”


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