Music Review: Tink`s New Mixtape Winter’s Diary 4

Music Review: Tink`s New Mixtape Winter’s Diary 4

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Tink-Winters-Diary-4-653x489Last week  Chicago rapper Tink  released her stunning mixtape titled  Winter’s Diary 4, which is the fourth installment of her mixtape series, it features 15 tracks and production works from the likes of  Timbaland, Jahlil Beats, Cookin Soul, and more. The mixtape sees her elements completely shining, painting some very relatable stories which are heavily based on dealing with bad relationships, shit so raw that you need a tissue box next to you throughout the set.

Here are some of my standout tracks.
“If It All Falls Down” is one of my favorites as it speaks about being in a relationship with someone and trusting the person be here for you not the fame or your riches and trusting him to be the man you need when you are faced with hard situations because there`s no perfect relationship has it has it`s ups and downs,  struggles and successes but if you have the right person by your side you will over come it all and become stronger “How deep is our connection? you good with imperfections. Would you speak if you blew up and you saw me in your section? Are you here for the fame? Are you here for the night? I wanna buy in but you change every time. I know nothing is guaranteed, I contemplate when you tell me you’ll never leave. It’s just way outta control, I wanna settle down, but first I gotta know…”
“Show It” is a sultry – slow jam that`s speaks wanting a relationship to work but know you deep down inside out this is just a situation belongs in the past because there’s so many issues on the surface that sometimes you try to be blind to it all but it`s hurting you more than you,“It breaks me down when we’re not on good terms my love. I want this to work so bad, that it hurts me. Cause I know you don’t deserve me..”  Displaying actions of growth and responsibility not words and not the same actions from the past and past behaviors, unnecessary negativity show why you can’t be together.
“Be Single” speaks about being in a relationship and being single at the time – meaning you extremely dedicated to someone who would rather be in streets, creeping around with other people and come home to you on some fake shit, acting like he’s a perfect person for you but you caught on his shit. “I’ll never understand how you give your heart to two different people, people. You say you wanna live you life, well that’s fine, just break up be single..” Fantasia said best “If you don’t want me then don’t talk to me, go ahead and free yourself.”
“What Is Real Love” sums what the mixtape is about to a point, examines bad experiences when it come looking for real love, because most people want a serious relationship yet they are grown enough to understand what that is nor know the real definition of love is to truly express it to the one they are in a relationship with: “Don’t you hate it when you finally get a man and you think that he’s the one. He comes into your life, fucks it up, and then it’s done, you’re really fed up but you’re trying not to trip. Till he finds another girl and tags her name in every pic, all so you can see it and get jealous, 
I hate them type of niggas. They look out for themselves and never even care about our feelings.”
Overall the mixtape is stellar, Tink is her elements and displaying more layers to her music and helping her listeners relate and heal. 


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