Music World: Back To Basics

Music World: Back To Basics

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shutterstock_138386987There’s no denying that music has changed some for the best but mostly for the worse as music is no longer viewed as a work of art because artist nowadays don’t take their craft seriously to be taken seriously nor make timeless music that changes the face of music.

And some record labels got their artists chasing trends not setting them by pushing them to step all the out of their comfort zone to be able give us something different from the norm. And the industry needs to get back to the basics and allow other voices to be heard as we always get heavy rotation of the same artists over and over on the radio and TVs awards as shit get boring quickly. 

And I can`t stress this enough but labels need to put more money into their artist and go the extra mile to get their music out there and break new ground.

But I won`t waste this post bashing the industry with the truth as there so many labels out here putting out creative music that give the voiceless a voice and inspire people to dance or heal through it. Let me shed some light on some great examples of music that had  a groundbreaking impact in the past 17 years..



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