New Single: Gwen Stefani – “Misery”

New Single: Gwen Stefani – “Misery”

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I`m beyond proud of Gwen Stefani as she has delivered another masterpiece of an album with “This Is What the Truth Feels Like“, which I`ve had on repeat since it was released on was released on March 18th via Interscope Records. She has just announced the newest single off the album called “Misery“, which will follow up her current single “Make Me Like You“, it`s another pop number that speaks about finding that perfect love that got you so addicted to that person and his love brings out of all the pain that you dealt with from past relationships: “You’re like drugs, you’re like drugs to me..I’m so into you totally, you’re like drugs, you’re like drugs to me. So put me outta my misery.”

I love the 80`s retro feel to it and it has a very strong hook that will definitely have you singing along all day long, can`t wait to see her perform it on “The Voice” on Tuesday. In the meantime check out the single below.


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