R&B Is Dying

R&B Is Dying

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black R&BR&B music is slowly dying not only because of the declining albums sales but because of the music itself seems to be less inspiring, it`s soul seems less existent and the content seems commercial driven less about delivering a heartfelt message that offers honestly and healing.

And the lack of support R&B artist get from their labels is extremely disgusting as they sign these artist but don`t value their art over what money they bring to the table, while other genres get love and respect and get that push yet they leave zero musical impact. And fans as will are not fully supporting this genre, which is a very sad thing to see especially black people as back in the day we went hard for our favorite artist and took pride in this genre as it gave our life situations a real voice. Instead of buying on material stuff like sneakers that brings no real value to our lives, let`s try spending $10 on an album.Rhythm and blues needs saving before it`s long gone forever.

I miss those days where music was held to higher standard versus to what it is today, so many artist out today would`ve never made it nor be the face of a musical change as they offer nothing but bubble music that has zero impact in changing and pushing music forward and today labels are not creating legends more like gimmicks that driven by money not creating music of value and impactful music.

Let`s take this moment to take a trip down memory lane, enjoy some amazing musical gems.


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