The Importance Of Missy Elliott To Music

The Importance Of Missy Elliott To Music

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Missy Elliott is one of the most important figures in music because she represents strength, independence, creativity and individuality which are all elements that she has displayed throughout her 20+ years in the industry. She has managed to change the face of music countless times with her vibrant and innovative sound and extremely futuristic visuals that have pushed the boundaries of visual art and allowed artists that came after her to follow in her footsteps and feel free to express themselves fully and hold nothing back.


Elliott represents pop music at its purest, for example her 1997 debut album “Supa Dupa Fly” is the strongest foundation for her legacy as that album saw her shifting the sound of hip-hop, R&B and, ultimately, pop music in it`s wake and the world was introduce to an artist that never fitted the mold of what the industry wanted as she was too dark and not a size 2 but she pushed on through and created a creative lane that she can only ran on, owning every inch of who she is.


As she had an intimate understanding of her own image and how she would navigate the music world as a woman in a man`s world and actually achieved alot by doing that, with five platinum albums and one double platinum album and 5 Grammy-awards under her belt and countless accolades. By simply being herself and never limiting herself from fully expressing her creativity either when she`s producing and writing records for herself or other artists she always makes sure to create music that changes the narrative of what`s on the radio today.

She forever lives outside the BOX and that`s such a very inspiring thing to witness as she every risks she has taken as always paid off, with each album sounding different from each other but all speak true to Missy`s brand of music and art. She`s all about on pushing the envelope and taking chances and also representing for her female peers and also embracing those who come after her so they can do the same for those that will surely follow after them.

“Missy is influential because Missy is unique. I define influential as the impact someone has on other people. You haven’t seen it yet but it’s Missy Elliott. Missy and Timbaland’s beats are going to keep rap interesting over the next couple of years. Missy is one of the few artists that does what she does without sounding like other people. Nobody’s done what Missy Elliott’s done because they can’t. She still breaks down barriers, and doesn’t fit the mold. I think the reason she’s so influential is because Missy is a true artist. People can’t find the next Missy Elliott, like you can’t find the next Van Gogh. You’re never going to be able to do what she does because she is one of those people, those truly gifted people. I think she’s more talented than anybody out there, regardless of gender.”- George Stroumboulopoulos

May she continue to make more impactful music and powerful visuals and inspire millions of people around the world to celebrate their individuality.

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