Winter Season Fashion #1

Winter Season Fashion #1

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Winter is the coldest season of the year but this shouldn`t stop you from setting trends (nor re-introducing old/classic ones in style) and looking fabulous so here are some key pieces you might need to add to your closet and the palette for the season. Consider this your index of everything that should be on your radar over the next few months. Scroll down to see how to adapt your closet, and then shop for the pieces you need to pull it off.


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ASOS Aviator Jacket in Faux Suede


I love the structure of this jacket especially the fleece lining, it`s perfect for the season and the jacket is a bit edgy without trying too hard to be and the colour is warm and easily work well with simply pieces or if you`re like me you could mix it together with colour blocking pieces that makes everything standout.

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Classic jacket design with a fleece lining and a great colour (berry) which is understated yet edgy and works well with casual clothing.

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ASOS Oversized Faux Shearling Jacket in Black


Another classic design piece with a lovely borg lining, works with anything you wear as it`s flexible and it`s a standout pieces that gives you edginess.

Knitwear Jumpers & Cardigans :

zzllrr Imager Geek_✂ Region Shot2016-11-27_03.14.38h.One Large Cabled Jumper


This beautiful beige chunky cable knitted jumper is for those relaxed days where you want to throw on some warm and comfortable and cute. I would suggest that you match it up with dark trousers or very bright trousers in burgundy or green and navy. And throw on a trench coat and you`re good to go.

zzllrr Imager Geek_✂ Region Shot2016-11-27_03.21.51French Connection
Chevron Knit

I love the mixture of colours on this cardigan, looks extremely cute and simply to wear with anything but I suggest that you match it up with items that not busy as it would look over the top and throw everything off, keep it simple and cute with basic colour scheme.

zzllrr Imager Geek_✂ Region Shot2016-11-27_03.33.43Original Penguin Lambs Wool Knitted Sweater

£50.00/ $76.00

The detail and the work that is within this jumper is simply outstanding, great colour choices and it has alot of character and charm, works with anything you wear. Warm and beautifully put together.

Jeans, Trousers

zzllrr Imager Geek_✂ Region Shot2016-11-27_04.00.06ASOS Kimmi Shrunken Boyfriend Jeans in Des Torres Grey £16.00/$25.00

I love the warm tone of these jeans and the fact that you can wear them during any season. It displays comfort and also showcases your curves beautifully without putting them out there in a very tacky way.

zzllrr Imager Geek_✂ Region Shot2016-11-27_04.15.44
Loyalty & Faith Spray On Biker Jean Blue Light Wash 

£28.00/$ 35.00

While these kind of jeans are the norm nowadays I have to say I love the cut as it is understated but stunning as well as the washed-out tone of it. Another one that is flexible with any season and whenever you`re choosing a jean look at the cut and pick something with character.

Accessories:Here`s a collection of accessories to keep you warmed up and stylish this winter.


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You can find all these items from one of my favorite online stores Asos and even get more great stuff on there. 



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