Drew Scott – Places I’ve Ever Been (EP Review)

Drew Scott – Places I’ve Ever Been (EP Review)

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Drew Scott is perhaps best known as being the former ying to Dawn Richard’s yang acting as the chief producer for the trio of forward thinking projects that were ‘Armor On’, ‘Whiteout’ and ‘Goldenheart’.  But now Druski is emerging from behind the soundboard to prove his worth as an artist in the forefront and further push R&B’s envelope with his superb musicianship.

The EP opens with the sparse ‘God of Vegas’ which is reminiscent of ‘Love Deluxe’-era Sade, it successfully sets the mood for the rest of what’s to come with its bewitching production and effortlessly stacked harmonies.  ‘Brooke Lynn’ and ‘The Way I Feel’ see Drew assert himself as a more than able vocalist boasting inflections dripping with the influence of Tank and Wanya Morris. Additionally ‘The Way I Feel’ contains flawless production, everything from the 80s inspired drum programming to the note choices with the electric keyboards is genius. ‘Sex In Paris’  takes a very distinctive approach to the topic of sex which is usually overwrought with generic clichés and knock-off R.Kelly beats , but Drew being the young innovator that he is sets himself apart from his contemporaries as it’s not positioned in the common sleazy manner.  Furthermore let’s be real how many times have you heard a French Accordion in contemporary music period, let alone urban music. It’s just another testament to Druski’s individuality as a producer. Harder-edged and more accessible sounds are experimented with ‘Normandy’ and ‘Mulberry Street’ which all show Mr Scott is capable of shifting between genres with ease with ‘Mulberry Street’ being the most impressive. The EP comes full circle as it closes in the same ethereal vein as it began with ‘Gotham City’ comprising possibly the best indication of Scott’s talents as a writer and it once again highlights the warmth and richness in Drew’s tonality.

From start to finish, the listener is taken upon a whimsical journey making sure for an aural experience which is both imaginative and refreshing. The quality displayed here is far beyond those of your average R&B EP’s and mixtapes and if this is what he’s serving for free, just imagine what would be in store if and when Drew drops a full-length album.

The market of male R&B crooners has just found itself toppled over…

Rating – 4/5


  • ‘God of Vegas’
  • ‘Brooke Lynn’
  • ‘The Way I Feel’ (SINGLE/VIDEO ALERT)
  • ‘Mulberry Street’
  • ‘Gotham City’

Written by Sope Soetan (@SopeSoetan)


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