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Bahama-bred 16 year old singer-songwriter Angelique Sabrina has premiered her visual for her lovely single titled “I`m Ready” which was released to celebrate Valentine’s Day, February 14.  It`s a slow-tempo number that features a very smooth-soothing production which creates a great foundation for her to lay down her sweet vocals as she sings about experiencing  real love for the first time and is ready to express that feeling to her  beau:  “Now is the time, I can love you if you let me.  Love ain’t blind,I see it I believe it. If it’s love that we’re feeling, Baby time will reveal it.”

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Introducing the beautiful and talented singer-songwriter Banks (Jillian Banks) , who has been causing quite a storm on the music scene with her recently released EP “London” featuring production from the likes of Sohn, Totally Extinct Dinosaurs and many others, who provided a great mixture of sultry R&B, electronic music with heavy UK influences.