Fans Are Pushing For An Missy Elliott And Cardi B Collaboration #ThrowItBack

Fans Are Pushing For An Missy Elliott And Cardi B Collaboration #ThrowItBack

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A couple of weeks ago the legendary artist Missy Elliott hinted on dropping a new single called “Throw It Back” and one of her loyal fans spilled the tea of the sound of the record which got her fans extremely excited and they started a campaign to get fellow rapper Cardi B on it as they felt that together they would have great chemistry and their energy is fun and energetic so a record together would be perfect and Missy herself expressed that she would be open to that idea and she’s quite fond of cardi B`s energy and music.

These two would provide a united front and change the course of rap game rap overall and showcase that women can work together and they can actually change the game together without feeling some kind of way about each other – because of the narrow mindedness of the industry that people would prefer seeing female rappers beefing over seeing them celebrating each other and shinning together in a manner that many male rappers have enjoyed over the years.

I hope we get the collaboration that everyone is pushing for and get some crazy visuals to showcase Elliott`s creative mindset even further and her presence on the music scene is highly missed as she`s a ball of fun and energy and gets people moving.


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