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Last week Tuesday Dawn Richard released her highly anticipated debut solo album GoldenHeart and while most fans are having a hard time getting the physical copy of the album (which is sold at FYE by the way) we are giving one lucky fan a signed copy of the album from Dawn & Druski. To win this album first follow us on Facebook then tell us the name of Dawn Richard first mixtape.


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After reaching #3 already on the R&B Itunes charts Dawn decided to release her brand new video/short film for 86 a couple of hours earlier than its premiere date on BET’s 106 & Park. In this new visual directed by Wild N’ Faith director Eugene Lee Yang,  Dawn is seen battling with a warrior and what appear to be some Danity Kane-esque apparitions.

“’86 is a homage to my past,” says Dawn.  “Everyone wants to look at the Danity Kane thing as a negative but it’s a positive.  The girls have been and continue to be a guiding force in my journey throughout this music business.”
Check out the video below and make sure you purchase Goldenheart right now!

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Tomorrow is the big day Dawn Richard’s Goldenheart album will finally hits stores everywhere the hearts everywhere have been waiting for this day to arrive. Last week Dawn treated us to some of the album’s snippets to build up the anticipation for the release, and once again Dawn has done that by teaming up with AOL.com to give the ‘Hearts’ an exclusive listen to the full album that will be released tomorrow. Check out the full album by clicking here.

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Only one day left until Dawn Richard’s debut solo album “GoldenHeart” songwriter Intyce has released this brand new track titled ‘Food For Thought,’ written by himself and produced by The Invaders, this song will not be included on GoldenHeart but it is a song the two began to work on during the beginning stages of creating her solo album. This song is a play on the tabloids and different gossip magazines. Check out the song below along with this video titled InvadeAvision Presents- Sessions with Dawn Richard.

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Next Tuesday the world will finally get to hear Dawn Richard full Goldenheart album and the world premiere of her new video for ’86.’ While the album snippets were sent out this week Dawn unleashes another surprise to her fans when she released the behind the scenes clip of her new visual for her lead single 86. Check out the video below.

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With only a week left until Dawn Richard will release her anticipated debut solo album “GoldenHeart”  on Jan 15, after announcing a new contest with CoCo & Breezy Dawn has also given her die hard fans a preview until the album before it will be released next Tuesday. I must say this sounds like a very solid debut album. Dawn has really infused her Armor On sound along with some of sound from her first solo mixtape “A Tell Tale Heart” make sure you all pre-order her album right now support the Golden movement.

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Calling all #HEARTS!  Eyewear Designers Coco and Breezy have teamed up with Dawn Richard for her major solo debut project Goldenheart to create an exclusive eyewear design.  The Goldenheart sunglasses are one of the new styles from Coco and Breezy’s new “Omorose” Collection and they want to give a pair to you!!  Repost on Instagram or Twitter the hashtag #CocoandBreezyGoldenheart to win one of the following prizes:
1st Place: Wins a COMPLIMENTARY DINNER @ TOY NYC Restaurant with Dawn Richard + Coco & Breezy

2nd Place: Wins an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Dawn Richard’s GoldenHeart Album

3rd Place: Wins a PAIR of Coco and Breezy for GoldenHeart Sunglasses

The collection launches on January 15th, the same day as the Goldenheart album and will be available for purchase on www.cocoandbreezy.com.

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Dawn Richard is heavily armored as she gears up for her highly anticipated solo album, Goldenheart, in stores January 15th.  Today, Dawn unveils her high fashion photos from the Goldenheart album shot by celebrity photographer Dimitry Loiseau.  With a modern day Joan of Arc theme, Dawn incorporates a knight-like warrior goddess effortlessly as if this is her daily form.  Ready for an Avante guard battle she mixes an androgynous style that is just as different as her music.  Dawn is adorned in Malgorzata Dudek, Laureluxe Metal shoulders, an Una Burke leather bodysuit and Jeffrey Campbell heels courtesy of her stylist Ja’Niya Walker and some items from her own personal wardrobe.


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Dawn Richard, formerly of Danity Kane & Diddy’s Dirty Money performed at Secret Lounge in New York City for New Years Eve. She also co-hosted the event for the evening, which saw a crowded room filled with supporters and club-goers. Her new album, GoldenHeart drops on January 15.

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Before the release of her highly anticipated mixtape “AtelltaleHeart” we caught up with the lovely Dawn Richard to talk about her new mixtape which has been getting rave reviews so far, We Dawn about some of the new things she has lined up with her Dirty Money crew we also asked Dawn the questions that all her fans submitted to us. Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts.

Alex: What is the story behind your new mixtape “a Tell Tale Heart?”

Dawn: I wanted people to experience a journey of the heart, something genuine and raw. If you were to fall in my heart for past 6 years this was what is sounded like . my heart is the “city” and I’m the guide through each heartbeat. Each song is an experience.
Alex: How many songs on the mixtape did you write or co-write on?

Dawn: All 15…as a songwriter, what better way to tell your story than with your own words.
Alex: Which song from the mixtape mean the most you and why?

Dawn: BulletProof just does it for me. I wrote it right after Katrina. It’s a conversation between God and I
Alex: We saw your YouTube video where you gave people a taste of this new song called “Broken Record” will that song be on the mixtape?

Dawn: Yes, it’s the record I’m shooting a video too. It’s such a great record. It’s the perspective of both woman and man..told by the woman. The battle between repeating the same issues but not being able to let go of the love. Both parties are wrong and right. I wanted to do a record that wasn’t just female driven. Like F men! Lol. I wanted Men to be able to have their side too.

Alex: Going into recording Last Train to Paris, what were Dawn’s expectations for the album? Have her expectations been met?


Dawn: I knew it would change music. The first tracks Puff gave me to start writing with I said this is what I’ve been waiting for. That’s why I said yes to the project.

Alex: A lot of your fans love your blog and your personal fashion style that you show on the blog; can we expect to see you venturing off into your own fashion or accessory line?


Dawn: I’m excited. I want to do a lot of custom pieces. I do want my own line. Its a lot of work. I have some surprises up my sleeve with the amazing accessory queen Melody Eshani

Alex: With there being so many shady characters in the entertainment industry what do you look for when wanting to work with a certain artist or producer?

Dawn: I like to work with people who want to work with me. I want the same passion I’m putting in from them. It can be the biggest producer, or a young new face. As long as its organic.

Alex: With so many artists resorting to gimmicks to gain popularity/build a fan base, how does Dawn remain true to her artistry?

Dawn: I’m just me… Take it or leave it… I understand the game.. But I understand who I am as well.
Alex: When Will Dirty Money start touring for Last Train to Paris?

Dawn: We start late March.. Go to www.dawnrichardblog.com to see dates and cities
Alex: Can fans expect to see any video supporting your new mixtape?

Dawn:yes. I’m shooting a video for Broken record and a couple more
The visual is one of my favorite processes. Adding choreography to the story with the fashion

Alex: What is your outlook on life and where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Dawn: Happy, Singing, and hopefully still changing the world one note at a time.

If you haven’t yet make sure you download your free copy of Dawn Richard’s hot new mixtape “AtelltaleHeart” by clicking here