DAWN Drops New Video For – ‘jealously’

DAWN Drops New Video For – ‘jealously’

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After announcing the reunion of DK3 and their new tour ‘Universe Is Undefeated,’ of DK3 Dawn wasted no time in giving her fans some new music to rock out to during the tour. Getting back into her NOLA roots, Dawn shines a light on the Washitaw Nation, a group of black Americans that claim to be a sovereign Native American nation. In the new visual Dawn is seen wearing a traditional headdress sewn by tribe leader Chief Montana.

New Orleans isn’t just a city it’s a lifestyle it is my heritage. it is my roots. lemme take you to the beginning where it all started. how losing everything made me stronger… ninth ward bred. a new breed. and so the anthology begins. Said, Dawn, as she premiered her new video. Check out the new visual below.


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