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There are so many nights I wish I was a real hoe, losing myself in countless arms of strangers in strange places but I`ve grown so much over the years and know what I really want in life and honestly as much as I find it frustrating I can`t lower myself to that level and the last time I truly loved someone I was in my late teens and never knew how to embrace that feeling but now I`m grown as fuck, I know better and trust that in due time everything shall fall into place with or without a man I will be fucking happy and forever complete.

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kelly-rowland-trevor-jackson-dumb-vid-still-2016-billboard-1548 One year after dropping her song “Dumb,” Kelly Rowland teamed up with musician/actor Trevor Jackson to release a dance video for the song. While the song is not officially the first single from Kelly’s upcoming album, it does serve as a buzz track to keep her fans pleased.

The video was choreographed by Kany Diabate, Marie Poppins, Anthony Thomas, AJ, Kenya, and Q Anthony, and executive produced by Frank Gatson Jr. Who also helped Kelly form her new girl group June’s Diary. Check out the video below.

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The ladies of Kelly Rowland`s reality show Chasing Destiny have just released their first official single titled “All Of Us”which serves as a buzz single, a fun, upbeat R&B number that features a throwback production that is very reminiscent of the early 2000’s which is not a bad look as sees each member showcasing their phenomenal vocals and blending perfectly together, they sound better then any girl for group since Destiny`s Child.

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This past Tuesday Kelly Rowland finally put together her first girl girl group, who she introduced to the world on her BET series Chasing Destiny.

The 5 girl group include members Ashley, Brienna, Gabby, Kristal, and Shyann. While on the show the girls made their debut singing at Stevie Mackie’s house, performing their version of Drake’s Hotline Bling.


Kelly also presented the winners on Chicago’s “You & Me This Morning” yesterday. “I’m very proud,” she said. “These ladies are very talented and they’re very, very ambitious, and excited, and I’m ready for the world to hear them.” Check out the groups acapella to Hotline Bling and the their first interview below.

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It`s been a hot ass minute since Kelly Rowland dropped some new music but now that has change she just released a new song “Gimme Love” which was recorded for the Seagram’s Escapes commercial. It’s a retro-soulful house influenced number, it features strong verses but the hook is extremely annoying as layered with “Na Na Na” adlibs that really ruin the song as it becomes the main focus and you forget about what the song is really about.

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It’s been 2 years since Kelly Rowland released her album Talk A Good Game, now the singer is ready to jump back into her music when she released this new track titled Dumb.There is no official word if this new track will appear on Kelly’s upcoming 5th album or not but until then check out the new song below

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Grammy-nominated songwriter Stacy Barthe is gearing up to releasing her long awaited debut album “BEcoming” on July 10 via Motown Records and it`s executively-produced by John Legend and Malay and also features production work from the likes of Hit-Boy, DJ Camper and Classmatez.

The album serves as like autobiography as it finds Barthe singing her heart out about her own personal struggles such as dealing with body issues, addiction, suicide (“I was at one point, you know, considering suicide and didn’t want to be here…I was really low”) and self love.

Read my review after the jump.

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After rumors of Kelly Rowland being pregnant the singer kinda sorta confirmed her pregnancy just a few moments ago via instagram when she posted this picture of a pair of adult Nike Jordan’s next to a pair of baby Jordan’s with the caption, “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy.”  While she hasn’t officially came out with the announcement just of yet, the buzz has already been out since she stepped out to the premiere of Think Like a Man Too wearing a loose fitting top. If Kelly is pregnant that will be great news for the star who had a secret wedding last month in Costa Rica.